Helping others live a healthier life through community, movement, breath, self awareness, self discovery, relaxation,

& laughter.


"Yoga is the dance of every cell with the music of every breaath that creates inner serenity and harmony."

- D. Mridha 

Kriya Class Schedule



 Stay connected to your Kriya community by attending either in studio  or virtual live Zoom yoga classes and one on one in-studio yoga sessions!


We are requiring all students to register and prepay on-line at least 4 hrs before ALL classes. If you register for a virtual class you will receive a Zoom link 60 mins before your class is to begin.  NO REFUNDS will be given for missed classes. If you cannot attend a class you must cancel at least 6 hours before the scheduled class in order to receive a class credit. 

Classes are filling up quickly so make sure to add your name to the waiting list.   

You can see our full list of current classes and workshops on Schedulicity.  You can get there with the "Schedule Now" link below!




Online scheduling
9:oo - 10:00 AM

*Virtual Zoom *

Energy Chair Yoga with Kathy

Level 2/3
9: 30 - 10:30 AM

Dosha Hatha with Stephanie

Level 3
6:30 - 7:30 PM

Slow Flow Yoga with Lisa

Level 3/4




Online scheduling

9:00 - 10:00 AM

Zen Energy Flow with Lynn

Level 3

6:30 - 7:30 PM

Gentle Yoga and Meditation Lynn

Level 1/2


WEDNESDAY             Online scheduling

8:30 - 9:30 AM

 Intuitive Yoga with Lynn

Level 3

4:30 - 5:30 PM

Virtual Fusion Yoga with Kathy

Level 3


Online scheduling
4:30 - 5:30  PM

Fusion Yoga with Stephanie

Level 2/3

6:30 - 7:30 PM 

Restorative Yoga with Lisa

Leven 2/3







Online scheduling

9:00 -  10:00 AM

 My Morning Yoga with Kathy

Level 3

10:30 - 11:30 AM

Energy Chair Yoga with Kathy Level 2/3
SATURDAY Online scheduling

8:30 - 9:30 AM 

Fusion Yoga with Lisa/Stephanie Level 3/4


Yoga Classes:  


Drop in rate: $17   

Package of 4 classes: $48  


Acu Meridian Flow Yoga:  Explore the energetic shift with acupressure points, mudras, vibrational sound therapy, breath work and yoga poses.  During this class students will learn ways to balance their energies and meridians by gently flowing through yoga poses and holding specific acupressure points.  

Athletic Yoga:  Focuses on gaining strength, flexibility, and stamina.  Poses will be held at times and also flow from pose to pose.   

CHILL Yin Yoga:  This candle lite class is a slow paced yoga class using simple floor-based poses that help you get deeper into the connective tissues of the body.  The class is designed to release any tension within the body and mind.  

Coming Home Restorative Yoga:  Take an hour to focus on yourself and release what no longer serves you. You will be guided into relaxing poses as you release trapped emotion/energy in the body.  By the end of class you will feel taller, lighter and energized.  

Dosha Hatha:  This class focuses on Ayurvedic (“sister science “of Yoga) practices to help keep our bodies and minds in balance as we transition through the rhythms of the seasons. It's a combination of standing, light flows and floor asanas (postures) with Dosha (elements defining our make up) focus and Pranayama (controlled breathing techniques) Keep your energies balanced and feel your best through the seasons of the year.

Energy Chair Yoga: The perfect class for yogis that may have challenges with getting up and down off of the floor, standing for long periods, or mobility.  The class modifies poses and uses the chair as a prop and also a seat.  You will gain strength, flexibility, and balance while relieving stress.  

Everything Energy: Practice tapping, acupressure points and body movement to help balance our body's energy systems. When can gently hold our meridians or neurovascular points we begin to allow any stored emotions, stress or pain to flush through the body to welcome in vitality. This class is about listening to our body and finding ways to make it feel stronger, more relaxed and healthy. By the end of each class you will feel lighter, brighter and more relaxed.
This class can be done with or without a chair and is for ALL levels of fitness.

Fun In The Sun Yoga:  Playful, pleasurable and gratifying sun salutations mixed with gentle poses.  blending focus and fun to rejuvenate your mind, body and spirit.

Chakra Flow Yoga:  You will be guided to gently move your body as you slowly flow from pose to pose. Each pose focuses on bringing in energy and balancing your chakras.  Each week there will be a highlighted Chakra that we will explore deeper.  

Fusion Yoga:  A combination of all styles of yoga.  The practice is designed around the students who attend the class.

Gentle Yoga and Meditation:  Bring loving kindness to your body, mind and spirit! You will experience gently paced postures, designed to relax and restore the body, mind; heighten body awareness and improve flexibility.  Simple breathing techniques will encourage mindfulness and presence.  After 25 mins of movement you will ease into meditation practice.  You will explore varied techniques and traditions; both guided and silent.  How would it feel if, fore one hour, you let go of striving, and allowed yourself to slow down?  Come and see!

Introduction to Yoga: This class Introduces the students to form, breath, and grounding by breaking down the poses.

Intuitive Yoga: Mindful, gentle poses held for a deep, relaxing stretch with a focus on coming home to yourself and restoring balance in your mind, body and spirit.

My Afternoon Yoga:  Enjoy a blend of restorative poses, stretches, and a gentle flow. We will always encourage mindful breathing, balance, flexibility, and strength. We will begin and end class with a short meditation.

My Morning Yoga:  Begin your day with a blend of restorative poses, stretches and a gentle flow.  The class will finish with a short meditation practice.

Om Mantra Yoga:  Explore the power of Mantras and Asanas (yoga poses).  Each week the class will be centered around a mantra.  Mantras are sacred sounds, words or affirmations that are repeated throughout the class.  They are designed to shift our mindset to a peaceful, joyful and empowering state.  You will be guided to hold poses for 3-4 breaths and then flow to the next gentle pose.  

Power Flow This class focuses on gaining strength, flexibility and stamina while flowing from pose to pose.  You will learn to connect the breath with your movement as you practice different sun salutations. 

Reiki Centered Restorative Yoga: During this class you will receive hands off Reiki healing energy to release any stress and anxiety held in the body subconsciously.  Gentle asanas will be held to help relax, release and renew your complete body.

Restorative Yoga:  It helps with relaxation and stress relief.  It assists in centering your breath and body with gentle movements and poses.

Rise and Shine Yoga:  Leave your worries at the front door.  Connect to your inner light as you move, breathe and explore your strength.  This class is a combination of grounding, Rhythmic movement and gentle holds.  The class begins and ends with centering crystal bowls.  

Slow Flow & go:  A combination of energizing flow followed by relaxing restorative postures. 

Slow Restore Flow Class:  A meditative experience for both the body and mind.  It is a combination of a slow flow, gentle flow and a little bit of yin while infusing mindful breath work. All of these assist in bringing an awareness of the sensation in each posture, creating mind/body balance and returning to the blessing of the present moment.  By the end of the class you will be lulled into savasana.  

Soul Flow:   A transformative practice of creating a deeper connection through movement and breath. You will be guided into each pose, deepening your awareness of body and breath and then flowing to the next pose.  By the end of class you will be drifting into a meditative state while being soothed into savasana.

Vinyasa Yoga:  A sequence of poses that have fluid movement with smooth transitions from pose to pose.  This class focuses on the connection of breath and body.  It will assist with gaining strength, flexibility, and stamina but is more gentle then athletic yoga.

Yin Yoga:The class is designed to relax your muscles and create space within your joints.  Poses are held between 3-5 mins and done mainly on the floor.  The class assists in lengthening muscles, relieving stress, and improving focus.

YinYasa Yoga:  A combination of Yin and Vinyasa.  You will flow through poses but also hold them for longer periods of time.

Zen Energy Flow Yoga:  A combination of Meditation, energy medicine, Mantras and flowing yoga poses.  You will gently move your body while connecting to your prana.  Each class has a different focus.  Himalayan bowls, crystal bowls, chimes and essential oils are often used during class.   

Zen Restorative Yoga:  This candle lite class is a combination of meditation, mantras and restorative poses.  Himalayan bowls, crystal bowls, chimes and essential oils are often used during this class.  The gentle vibration of the bowls allow you to release what your willing to let go of.  

One on One Yoga Training:

One on one training with a certified Yoga Instructor.  These sessions are developed around YOUR needs and schedule.  Whether it be strength training, cardio, core work, balance, weight loss or a deeper yoga practice, let us help you reach your fitness goals.

Kriya offers 60 min private or semi private sessions.  

60 min sessions: single: $50 

Semi private:  $10 extra per person